Call for Book Chapters

Call for Book Chapters



A Guide to Academic Authorship

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Editor: Prof. Elisam Magara, East African School of Library and Information Science (EASLIS), College of Computing and Information Sciences (COCIS), Makerere University


Call for Chapters

Submission of a Topic and Abstract/Chapter Outline, 31st May 2022

Submission of Book Chapters, 30th June 2022


Introduction: In the entire writing and book production, there are expectations of the writer, author, publisher and other stakeholders in the management of the publication process. This guide book is a one-stop center for what one needs to know on writing and getting published for academic and non-fiction works.



The general aim of this book is to provide general guidance on managing the publication process. The usefulness of this publication lies in the step by step procedures on the general aspects of the book production process and the ability to apply relevant strategies in practice. The guide book shall also cover the do’s and don’ts in academic writing and provide strategies for mitigating various challenges involved in the writing process. This book features chapters from academia, authors, publishers, practitioners, editors and researchers and graduate students in demonstrating the management of the publication process.


Target Audience

This book shall be used as a reference book for course units related to communication and technical writing, publishing and academic writing, scholarly publishing. This handbook is helpful to researchers who want to engage in academic writing in managing their publication process. The book shall guide prospective authors, practitioners and authors in managing their publication process.


Theme: The Publication Journey in Academic Authorship


The book shall contain Six Subthemes as follows:


  1. Epistemology, Theoretical and Contextual Foundations
  2. Records, Information Sources and Resources
  3. Bibliographic Record and Documentary Heritage
  4. Legal and Ethical Aspects in Academic writing
  5. Managing the Publication Process
  6. Secondary services for Academic Writing


Submission Procedure

The academia, authors, publishers, practitioners, editors, researchers and graduate students are invited to submit on or before 31st May 2022, an abstract/outline of 300 words clearly explaining   his or her proposed chapter. The authors whose abstract are approved shall be invited to a one-day write shop and the Full Chapter is expected to be handed by 30th June 2022. Interested authors must consult the guidelines for manuscript submissions prior to submission. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project.


Publisher: This book is scheduled to be published by Makerere University Press.

Important Dates



31st May 2022

Submission of a Topic and Abstract/Chapter Outline

3rdJune 2022

Receiving Feedback on Chapter Outline

10th June 2022

Write Shop of Authors of book Chapters and reviewers

19th August 2022

Book Chapters submission

19th September 2022

Deadline for Feedback from Reviewers

2nd  October 2022

Sending feedback to the authors

3rd November 2022

Chapters submitted by Authors to Editor

3rd December 2022

Editor submits the book to the Managing Editor of Makerere University Press



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