Fees and description




Fee (UGX)


Individual Membership fee



Corporate/Institutional Membership



Annual Subscription



Subscription to UTANA writers-authors investment club  (WAIC)



UTANA Members



 Corporate/Institutional Membership



Minimum of 5 Shares  


Membership benefits

1. Participate in the General Meeting.

2. Nominate candidates to election of members of the organs of the Association.

3. Be elected to the organs of the Association.

4. Submit proposals to the executive bodies of the Association in issues related to the activities of the Association and to its members.

5. Use the services of the Association.

6. Use the insignia of the Association.

7. Receive information on the activities of the Association. 

8. Participate in the activities of the Association in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.

9. Participate actively in carrying out research conducted by the Association and present data about itself in the extent which does not damage its economic activities. 

10. May assume obligations in relation to organizing events of the Association and/or participating in these provided that a mutual agreement has been reached.

Types of membership

Ordinary Membership

open to all individual and corporate Ugandan authors of academic and non-fiction works in all languages;

Associate Membership

open to all Uganda literary groups and/or writers� organisations and individuals. This can be either a group/organisation, or an individual whose objectives are similar to those of the Association but who is not eligible for ordinary membership.

Honorary Membership

extended to individuals and corporate institutions that have rendered outstanding services or support to the world of writing or to the Association subject to members� approval at the Annual General Assembly. Honorary members are distinguished individuals/corporate institutions, nominated by the Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly.