Call for UGSA Applications 2022




Uganda Textbook Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association (UTANA) in partnership with the Norwegian Association of Non-Fiction and Translators Association (NFFO) is implementing a 3 Year project entitled: UTANA Grant Scheme for Authors (UGSA). The scheme supports authors through their writing process. The grant will support authors (who are already in their writing process) to undertake completion of their publication/academic works. It is expected that at the end of the grant, a publication will be ready/available. This is the third round of the competitive grant scheme to benefit authors of academic and general non-fiction works.

Target: Authors of Textbooks, Academic and Non-fiction Works including but not limited to: scholarly works, academic textbooks/ scholarly articles, school textbooks, manuals, biographies/ autobiographies, expository, argumentative, functional, and opinion pieces; Nonfiction essays on art or literature, historical, scientific, technical, or economic writings works of general interest.

Eligibility: If you are currently working on a scholarly or a general non-fiction work and are a member of UTANA, you are eligible to apply. If you are not yet a member of UTANA, you can join at the same time as you submit your application. The grant is intended to provide an average of Three Million (UGX) to be used for an author to take off time for instance, and devote herself or himself to complete the current writing project. The grant will be paid out in portions justified by the applicant’s proposal following a Result Based Financing (RBF) model.

Selection Process: An Independent Selection Committee will assess the applications and select the most deserving. The successfully selected candidates shall be approved by UTANA Executive Board, which shall give the award. There are three main criteria for eligibility: Membership of UTANA (and subscribed to the Writers-authors Investment Club), evidence of a publishable manuscript and justification that the manuscript shall be a publication available in book form (hard or e-book). Non UTANA members should submit their application together with the membership application Click here to access the UTANA membership form. The selection committee aims to offer awards to a wide-ranging group of authors and subjects and shall bear in mind authors writing in rural as well as urban locations. It will also consider authors at all levels of education from the untutored to the highest level. New and upcoming authors are particularly encouraged to apply. Manuscripts/publications in all approved local languages shall be equally considered.

Application forms are available online at All application should be submitted through the provided UGSA application form Click to access addressed to the Project Coordinator, UTANA Grant Scheme for Authors (UGASA), UTANA, P. O. Box 40277, Kampala, Teachers House,  Room 208, Bombo Road  E-mail: [email protected]. The closing date for applications is 20th July 2022, successful applications will be announced by 30th July 2022.

Membership to UTANA

New membership fee (150,000/=). Includes membership to writers-Authors Investment Club [Click here to access the form for registration]

Existing members to be up to date with their subscriptions to Writers Authors- Investment Club.